New Reverb Studios Site for the UK & Northern Ireland

I’ve had the domain registered for years now and have finally got around to putting a site up! The site aims to expand Reverb Studios Design’s services to Northern Ireland and the UK and features a quote system and prices in UK Pound Sterling..

Live July 2014 –

Migrate to Google Apps for Business

I switched to Google Business Apps a couple of years back for better management of my Email in particular. I was a bit worried that I didn’t have my Email account setup correctly on my VPS hosting as more and more of my emails seemed to be ending up in people’s spam bins which meant things like invoices went missing and jobs were lost. I reckoned if the Google servers didn’t know the best email setup then no one would! At only about €50 per year, I reckoned it was worth the switch.

Google Business Apps

Anyway, 2 years on and it’s all working well for me. I have my main Reverb Studios email routed through Google which means I’m totally in the cloud and can access email from anywhere on anything that has an internet connection. I don’t have to worry about backup or crappy email clients like Outlook throwing a wobbly and losing all my data. As well as email, my calenders, documents and drive space are all synced across multiple devices.

Unfortunately there’s quite a bit involved in migrating your business email and stuff to Google Apps which is why I’m now offering this as a service to clients who have hosting and a website of their own.

Get in touch for a quote.


UPC Ireland Website Contract

I was recently part of a 5 man team of contractors/consultants hired to move the contents and functionality of the existing and sites to a new design and Content Management System, Adobe CQ5/Experience Manager. Work included editing HTML & CSS to make older content fit the new design, building forms and also some re-working/creation of website graphics.

Live January 2014 – &

Take Secure Credit Card Payments on your WordPress Website

I’ve been able to take Credit Card/Visa payments via Paypal for a while now and more recently via Stripe in conjunction with my invoicing system Zoho but over the last week or so I’ve properly and fully implemented credit card payments on this WordPress based website. On my payment page below you’ll notice a full credit card payment system that processes your payment immediately on this site. The payment page also has a an SSL cert for increased security.

What you’ll need to achieve the same is:

* Stripe requires an SSL cert/Secure payment page to work.

So my Stripe Payment page takes credit card details, processes them on submission and returns the user to a thank you page. Both Gravity forms and Stripe can be configured to send an acknowledgement email/receipt to the user and site owner.

No more paying a pile of money to bank merchant or credit card processing companies!

Here’s some details on Stripe transaction fees.

I can help install the system on your own WordPress based website if you need. A standalone Payment Page/Virtual Terminal like mine here can also be installed on any non WordPress based site also..

Get in touch. Or alternatively ask a question in the comments below.


Pay for Reverb Studios Services Via STRIPE

Stripe, the new’ish, Irish Credit Card payment processor has recently gone live in Ireland and has today been added to my invoicing system Zoho for clients to use. You will now have a choice of whether to pay using a credit card via Paypal or Stripe on checkout. Simply click the “Pay Now” link in my invoice email and you’ll see the following screen:


To pay with Stripe choose the “Credit Card Payment” option as above then click “Proceed”. You will then see this:


All fields in the credit card form need to be filled in so if you don’t have a Zip/Postal Code then just put in something like n/a. Click “Pay” then you’re done!

Stripe also has a virtual terminal of sorts which allows me to take manual credit card payments over the phone etc if clients would prefer that..


20% Discount On All Design Services!

To celebrate…well nothing in particular really…summer and good weather maybe, I’d like to offer a 20% discount on all invoices for new design services ordered from now until August 10th 2013.

Simply add the coupon code below on either my Contact Form or my Paypal Payment page*:


*Your payment amount will automatically be reduced by 20% before hitting Paypal on my payment page or I will discount your quote manually if entered via my contact form. The discount is limited to the first 10 clients only.

My standard prices are available HERE.

Please spread the word!