Tackling Frogs

I got some useful one to one business mentoring from John Mannion of Oakstar Training courtesy of Leitrim Enterprise recently and one thing in particular that John advised me has stuck in my head ever since and I’m pleased to say I’m putting it into practice successfully both in business and personal life.

What John said was to “Tackle a Frog” every day or to tackle your frogs first thing each morning or at the begining of your week. His definition of a Frog is a task that you constantly put off because it’s one you simply don’t like doing. Putting these things off leaves them hanging over you like a dark cloud and creates a negative and stressful environment.

Conversly, if you get them out of the way early in the day or week the dark cloud lifts and your mood lifts along with it. The sense of relief and achievment in getting the nasties out of the way and leaving only the nicer tasks to be done sets you up nicely. This works well for me for everything from making invoice chasing calls to cleaning the house!

Try it for yourself for a while and see how different you feel. I’m deliberately posting this early Monday morning so you can try it out at the begining of the week!


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