How to Transfer a .ie Domain to a new Owner

I’m writing this article to document the process I’ve just gone through for the first time to transfer a .ie domain I owned to someone else. I’ll probably need to do this again some day so I can refer back here! It’s not the simplest process..

Step 1

Gather the new Registrants details including the following:

  • Business name,
  • Company Registration Number (or other claim to the domain as per ususal .ie purchase),
  • Business contact details.

Send these in a FAX or Email to the IEDR together with a few lines on company stationery belonging to the existing owner stating that they “authorise the cancellation of the domain name for the purpose of having it reassigned to future holder”. The existing owner must sign this document.

Step 2

Presuming the IEDR have approved and changed to the new ownership details, you can then do a WHOIS on the domain in question to find the  new owner’s NIC handle which you can then use to request a password on the IEDR site. The password will be sent to the new owner’s email and can then be used to login and change Nameservers etc..

Step 3

The Biling contact or reseller details will then need to be changed or updated. The IE Reseller should also be listed in the above Whois and can be contacted to change details or setup a new account in the new owner’s name. Alternatively the new owner can now transfer to a new reseller by Faxing a request on company headed paper to the IEDR naming the reseller they wish to transfer to. The IEDR and new reseller will handle the rest but a transfer payment will be required. More info.

Not hard at all!!


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