Business Startup Advice

Maybe I’m qualified to give business startup advice or maybe I’m not but here’s what’s worked for me so far!

I would highly recommend starting your own business, especially in the current climate. You know it’s unlikely you’ll ever be happy in your 9 to 5, doing the same thing day in day out and all for the benefit of someone else. Working for yourself means no more boss looking over your shoulder, no more restrictions on your time, no more journey times (if you can work at home!), no more repetition (self employment is never boring!). However you might also be saying goodbye to a regular wage and some security!

Here’s the best advice I can give to anyone unhappy in their current job and dreaming of working for themselves..

For a start I’d recommend not starting any old business on the basis that “there’s money in it”. You might make a lot of money relatively quickly but eventually, if it’s not something you like doing, then you will loose interest and might end up in the same situation as in your old day job.

Sit down and think about what you like doing best in life or what you know most about (normally the same thing) and investigate if you can possibly make money out of it. If your main hobby is Tiddlywinks maybe it might not be so obvious but who’s to say there isn’t a gap int he market for new Tiddlywinks games!?

Next, approach your local Enterprise center and ask for some startup support. They’ll probably help you write a business plan which is a tedious job but it helps you think through your business and see where it might head. They should also help with identifying a target market and supplying training courses to help you gain the skills you might need.

Consider giving away very cheaply or even freely your first few products/services just to get them out there and of course try to generate some publicity everywhere you can especially online.

Working for yourself is definitely not the easier option but of course if it works out it will be far more rewarding in the long run. Who wouldn’t love to be working for themselves, from home at something they love!?


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