Avatar 3D Review

Took my time going to see this but finally managed to catch it last weekend in the Gaiety Cinema Sligo. It was difficult to avoid all the hype about this film in the last few months and the danger was that it would never live up to its hype. Some early reports suggested as is common with these films that the whole thing was FX and no plot. Well I’m happy to say that for me and my 3 fellow cinema goers it lived up to all expectations and surpassed them!

We got in a bit late some 10 mins after the film started and turned to confront a 3D bespectacled audience which was a bit surreal! Looking at the film without our freely supplied (and get to keep!) 3D glasses wasn’t possible but when I put them on my jaw dropped. I think maybe the last time I saw anything in 3D was a Commodore 64 shoot ’em up back in the 80’s and maybe some roller coaster thing at Funderland about as long ago so this was a new experience for me.

Looking at a 3D movie like Avatar on a big screen (and in the front row too!) makes you feel like like you’re in the movie and the action surrounds you, helped by the surround sound too no doubt. It was hard to resist reaching out to try grab stuff and lookin like a twat to all behind! Several times during the movie we had to duck and dive to avoid gas cannisters and the like! The “Bioluminescent ” nighttime forest was absolutely gorgeous and you just wanted to be there running around the trees with the scantily clad (and rather sexy I thought!) Na’vi natives. 3D apart the film was a glorious, panoramic technological achievement along the lines of Beowulf or the recent Christmas Carol which if I understand it correctly use a combination of motion capture and CGI to create ultra realism.

In Avatar, gone are the wonky eyes and rigid movement of previous GCI flicks and the facial closeups were incredibly detailed. The action was smooth and some of the scenery and interactions were breathtaking and tear inducing not because of the emotion of the scene but the sheer beauty of it.

The story was a classic big cinema tale with superb action sequences, underdogs standing up, love, acceptance etc..with currently relevant “Green”, “Data Sharing” and “Networking” themes and strangely (but refreshingly) for once the US army were the bad guys and the strange Alien Na’vi race turned out winners. Perhaps the Bio Electrical, shared knowledge, live forest in the film is indicative of where Social Networking will eventually lead!

Go see it if you havn’t..awesome.



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