Blogs Get Noticed!

I got a call from a journalist from the Sunday Times last week in relation to an article she was writing on IVF and Infertility in Ireland. She wanted a male orientated view and must have googled same (as journalists are known to do as part of their research!). Luckily enough I was one of the few men talking about infertility and men on my blog so I come up fairly high for related searches.

What I had written on my blog was obviously interesting and relevant enough for her to call me and do an impromptu interview for the feature. The article went out on Sunday the 27th and covered a full page with a huge photo of myself, my partner and our baby! And had she included a link back to the blog articles in question, it would have brought a lot of exposure to my site for nothing!

The moral of the story is that if you continue to supply your blog with interesting and relevant content you will get noticed and become a valuable resource for others.

Read the Times article here.

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