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I’ve come across a few websites recently for one reason or another and couldn’t find any trace of a stat tracker code (some people might be relying on their host’s stat package). I would have thought most web designers if not their clients would include something like Google Analytics by default in every site they build. Especially considering its quick and free!?

I make a point of installing this code in all my sites at no cost and I’ve well over 100 clients sites added to my personal analytics account now. I have setup automated monthly emails to clients with a PDF attachment showing a quick breakdown of their visitor statistics. I have added some clients as users of my own account so they can login and view more detailed stats.

I believe for me its a valuable add on service and one that more and more clients are asking for and impressed by when you bother to do it.

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Leon Quinn

Multimedia Design company in Leitrim, Ireland specializing in WordPress Website Design, Photoshop and Graphics.

3 thoughts on “Track Your Visitors”

  1. Statcounter and Analytics are generally ok I find.

    I used to use woopra too which has a fantastic adobe air GUI but found that to have performance issues so got rid of it.


  2. Leon,

    not everyone can use Google Analytics and other similar javascript based stats for a number of reasons.

    I’ve one client who can’t use ’em due information security policies. They don’t want google getting their hands on very valuable information about traffic to their website.

    So as you said, a lot of others will still use server log analysis software as an alternative.

    I would wager that despite the Google Analytics massive popularity there are still many many more sites out there that still rely on server based analytics.


    1. Fair enough!

      I see you have both Google and Statcounter on your own site. I got rid of one of them because I was worried it was slowing my site down having both?


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