Inhouse V’s Outhouse Content Management

Got an idea to write this post from an email from the Enterprise Ireland Mailing list. It’s just an angle to think about that never occured to me before but it affects me as a user/provider of open source software!

Everybody wants content management on their sites these days. I’ve been asked for it by most of my clients for years now. So is it better for a client to be handed an open source CMS or the web developer’s own custom made one? And which is best for the developer?

As a web developer I’d like the idea of being able to create and brand my own cms and impress my clients with my ability to do so and in the process, keep my clients tied to me. I might also be able to add on a few zeros per year for the use of it. I could also hope to sell it to other non clients as a packaged system.

But what about my client? They will be inheriting a closed system that ties them to me for support, updates etc and they’ll have bigger bills. If I give them an open source system they can go off by themselves and avail of the multitude of free plugins, support and updates without having to worry about me going out of business or a yearly licence fee.

So the client is better off with open source it seems but am I foolish to loose money and possibly clients by not tying them to my own system?

Comments please!?

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One thought on “Inhouse V’s Outhouse Content Management”

  1. I’m a firm believer that if your client values the work you do for them, they will stick around. If they don’t value you, they will be off with the next fly-by-night that comes around the corner. If they do, did you really need a client like that anyway?

    I’ve had a few clients move off to other providers only to move back when they saw how little clarity there was with other providers.

    Personally I stick with suppliers because of support – I know they are not the cheapest – but that doesn’t bother me because I know I can rely on them and get out easily if I have to. That’s all I care about. Even in these tough econimic times – paying for something you can rely on – is better in the long run.

    Here’s my opinion on the InHouse vs Outhouse scenario –


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