Bay Leaf Catering Leitrim Review

Had our daughter’s christening recently and decided to pull out all the stops and have a great party because of the length of time it took to have her (5 years infertility treatment) and also partly to avoid cooking and preparing food for the 50 people that said they’d come! So for the first time ever we decided to get catering in and we tried a few local places, got some quotes etc before finally settling on the Bay Leaf Restaurant in Drumshanbo, Leitrim after having been there for dinner one Sunday afternoon.

We settled on salads and cold meats from the menu and presumed it would be fairly basic stuff and even worried we wouldn’t get enough to feed 50 but when I went to pick it up the day of the christening I got a ton of Caviar Canapes, Foie Gras, Salmon on Brown Bread, Pasta Salad, Rice Bowls, French Beans, Ham and Almond mix, Chicken, Ham & Beef cold meat platters as well as Potato Salad and Coleslaw!

There was enough food to feed 70 more like, all gorgeous and it went down well with all guests.

Prices are very reasonable and the owner John is a nice guy.

The Bay Leaf – 0719640461.

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