Open Coffee Sligo

Next meeting of Sligo Open Coffee is on the 7th May at 11am in the Clarion Hotel Sligo –

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Leon Quinn

Multimedia Design company in Leitrim, Ireland specializing in WordPress Website Design, Photoshop and Graphics.

2 thoughts on “Open Coffee Sligo”

  1. Hi Leon,

    We have been asked to attend one of these open coffee morning here in the south east and I was wondering if you could let me know if it would be worth going to. I have looked at the list of people going and as far as I can see they are in similar fields to our own and so would I just be giving out free advice.

    I don’t mean to sound cocky, but any of these type of open discussion meetings I have just come away from saying “I’ve been saying that for years”, that’s another reason why I started our blog so I could actually put a URL on each time I said something.

    Is it a less strict version of a BNI group? Who should attend? Do solicitors and accountants attend these type of things?


    1. Any networking event is worth going to, it can’t hurt to be in touch with other businesses no matter what fields they are in. Networking is essential in the current climate. The last Sligo one was very useful for me, I’ve been in touch with a few of the companies I met since.


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