Pregnancy Countdown

Today we are at 31 weeks and 4 days according to my iphone app! and yes its getting a bit like watching paint dry. The baby is wreaking havock in Emer and she has just about had enough! The last 6/7 weeks of this nervy pregnancy can’t go quick enough for the both of us and we just want to get stuck into parenthood.

Last week’s hospital visit uncovered yet more complications with high blood pressure, Strep B in the urine and a possible risk of Pre-Eclampsia. Nice!

I’m just winding up a couple of preggers books and feeling smug about all my new found technical knowledge re pregnancy’s and related activities which I’m sure will all go out the window around January 22nd!

It’s lookin like a caesarian section at this stage because of the Diabetes and Cysts but it might be a blessing in disguise. At least we’ll know where we stand and can avoid all the labour stresses. On the other hand, it is major surgery and will add to Emer’s already numerous pregnancy scars! We were wondering whether to opt for a horizontal or vertical cut if we have the choice. We’ll aim for a smiley face if we can!

On another note. I personally, being a philosophical type, have been trying to get my head around the whole grand concepts of New Life, Birth, Fatherhood, Responsibility and finally achieving our goal to have a child after all these years and I have to say I just can’t come to terms with it. It still feels unreal despite the recent scans, heartbeats and kicks and I don’t think theres anything that will make it real at this stage except being handed the baby in the delivery room! At that stage I might be wishing it wasn’t so real!

Anyway, Christmas is only going to get a quick passing nod and wink this year as we have more important things to look forward to!


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One thought on “Pregnancy Countdown”

  1. Ooh, do you know what you should read? Spiritual Midwifery. It’s about a bunch of hippies who started their own birthing centre in loads of converted school buses. You’ll love it! Or not.


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