Setup Google Alerts

Google Alerts is another excellent, free service from Google which sends you an email whenever someone mentions a keyword, specified by you, on any Website, Blog or News Article. Heres how to set one up.

If you visit and signin/signup with your Google or Gmail ID, you will be presented with a simple form which allows you to specify:

  • The search term or keyword that you’d like to be alerted for.
  • The type of alert, eg Web, Blog, Video or Comprehensive (all).
  • The frequency of alert, eg Once a day, Once a Week or As it happens.
  • The email you’d like to have alerts sent to.

Once you specify these variables, you’ll start to receive alerts by email whenever someone includes your search term in any content they write for the web.

Heres an alert example:

  • Search Term – “Reverb Studios”.
  • Type – Comprehensive.
  • Frequency – As it happens.

The above alert will basically tell me straight away whenever anyone mentions my business name on any website worldwide and it will give me a link to the article or web page in which I appear!

Its a great way of finding out what people are saying about you or your business and which websites are linking to you.


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Leon Quinn

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