Geansai Gorm

Geansai Gorm

This means ‘Blue Jumper’ in Irish and its the wacky search term thats been chosen by Damien Mulley for an interesting competition to find the best Online Marketing/SEO company in Ireland. The sites that rank highest in for “Geansai Gorm” by 1st December 2008 will be deemed the best Internet Marketer in Ireland!

I’m not throwing my hat in the ring cause I’m too stingy to buy a new domain just for this and too busy to spend my time blogging about blue jumpers! Obviously the person who blogs the most, spends the most money or spends the most time linking and commenting will win. They will also be entitled to the title “Saddest Internet Marketer in Ireland”!

It will be a useful excercise though and you should do some searches for Geansai Gorm around early December and look at the top few sites to get a free lesson in SEO!


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Leon Quinn

Multimedia Design company in Leitrim, Ireland specializing in WordPress Website Design, Photoshop and Graphics.

11 thoughts on “Geansai Gorm”

  1. Geansai Gorm is helpful to get better ranking of website. It will think on getting visitors to your website. With no steady stream of visitors then your website is of little use to you. With all forms of marketing and Internet Promotion.


  2. Hi Leon – not sure if my last message got through or not – maybe I forgot to press ‘submit’. Or maybe it was moderated for being a thinly disguised and shameless linking opportunity! Anyway, here I am again, and you’re right it IS hard to write about Geansai Gorm!

    I was almost about to give up with my effort but then I saw it pop up on page four of Google. And hey, that’s quite near the top for a newbie!

    Hope all’s well with you guys,

    (currently wasting the afternoon at


  3. I know what you mean, its the single biggest problem with blogging, I’m lucky in that I like to write and used to a lot. I also don’t get out much! Imagine trying to find stuff to write about Geansai Gorm!


  4. Not to worry 😉 nothing ventured nothing gained.

    Btw. good blog you have here, I always find it hard to keep up the motivation to blog.



  5. Fair enough Leon, you are right. There in lies the challenge. But maybe your blog here has enough umph to bring your site up to the top.

    – Paul
    or if you are feeling generous you can always link to one of the existing competitors 😉


  6. I’m only doing well because this blog is already established in the engines, if I started a new site I’d be nowhere!

    I only wrote about geansai gorm to see if an established site could compete.


  7. Leon, your site is ranking well for the phrase Geansai Gorm, why not put a 2 or 3 page site together and enter the competition ?

    As for the title


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