Twitter & Twits!

For the uninitiated amongst you, Twitter is an online service that lets you tell people what you are doing. People can follow your ‘Tweets’ or updates and keep in touch with what you’re up to. But why would anyone care about you!?

Like Blogging, Twitter started out as personal service, a fun way to keep in touch with friends and family but it is now being used as a business tool by many including myself. The basic idea is you get as many people to ‘Follow’ your twitter updates as possible then you post a message and they all get it. Lets say you have 100 followers and you announce on twitter via a status update that you are offering discounts on your site, then 100 people are goin to see that message and possibly be interested in giving you money.

Similarly, you can advertise your services and knowledge to a wider audience by posting useful & relevant info. You can also follow other people and gain valuable information from whatever they say. People can receive twitter updates from various different sources including The Web, Mobile Phone, iPhone & Computer programs so it has great cross media potential to reach a large amount of people.

One word of caution though if you’re using it for business, don’t get carried away on an ego trip by constantly posting useless personal info! Who really wants to know what you are about to have for dinner!? If you find yourself ‘tweeting’ more than 20/30 times a day, get a life!


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