.ie domains 23% More Popular!

News out today states that within the last year .ie domain registrations, the top level web address for Ireland, have increased by 23%. I’d like to think that I had a hand in this as I make a point of recommending a .ie for evey new site I build! Heres why.

Here are some reasons for choosing a .ie domain over a .com if you trade primarily in Ireland:

  • .ie domains require you to be a registered business before you can purchase one which means that you can better trust a site with a .ie address.
  • .ie domains have been proven to be one of the safest and most secure domains to use and are attacked far less than .com’s.
  • On Google Ireland, .ie addresses seem to do better in searches than .com’s.
  • There are more domains and keywords still available in .ie than .com.
  • There is an air of respectability surrounding a .ie that a .com just doesn’t have. This is due to the requirements you need to register a .ie compare to a .com which can be bought by anyone.

If you’d like a new site or a change of address and want to go with a .ie, take the time to get your business name registered, its inexpensive and fast. See the Companies Registration Office for more details.


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Leon Quinn

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