Pregnancy Scare

Nothin is ever feckin easy. I’m in the hospital with my partner at the min digesting the news that if the cyst on her ovary gets any worse they will have to remove it and possibly the ovary too. On top of that there’s a 50/50 chance that she’ll go into labour at 24 weeks. Scared.

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Leon Quinn

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3 thoughts on “Pregnancy Scare”

  1. Thanx Mike, I was on my way to sligo hospital when we met, lookin for a good book for her! News is a bit better today, she might be released tomorrow if pain continues to subside but we’ll have the possibility of this operation and its consequences hanging over us for a while. It’s been a long rocky road so far and its getting longer!

    Feel free to email me with wordpress questions, I need something to do!


  2. God Leon – must be so stressful for you both – I thought maybe you seemed a bit, well, pre-occupied when we bumped into each other yesterday – possibly not the best time for WordPress discussions…
    I do hope everything goes well for you guys. We’ll be thinking of you.


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