O2 Mobile Broadband Tips

Just a quick tip or two for anyone using any of the current Mobile Broadband offerings from O2, 3 or Vodafone but specifically for the ‘white’ O2 Modem which I have.

Sometimes you might find that you just can’t get a broadband signal and you hang around waiting, restarting the pc or bashing your head off the wall in frustration and the more you have to rely on the thing, ie – if you happen to depend on it for work! then the worse it is when it just refuses to play ball.

Lately I’ve had a good run of luck with mine, its found a broadband signal every day for most of the past 2 months and it could be a fluke but what I do when I can’t get a signal is go into the ‘Settings – Band Selection’ menu and switch between “All Band” and “GSM900/1800/WCDMA2100” bands a couple of  times with a minute or two pause between each selection. The switching seems to wake the modem up and it eventually picks up a signal, a bit like a lost cause heart patient, defying the odds and bouncing back to life!

Also, if you get a usb extension lead and stick the modem at the highest point or in the centre of your window pane, that somehow seems to help with the signal!

Or maybe I’m just imagining things!


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4 thoughts on “O2 Mobile Broadband Tips”

  1. I had three Mobile and it was Terrible. Where i am from was on the edge of the signal and i got No higher speed than 1.9 mb/ps not the 3.6 as they say. The only thing that healped Me anyway was Cablenut and as you said the USB Cable .I was using the white one but i don’t think its a high speed cable.


  2. yep this mobile broadband could cause another civil war with people turning against their neighbours for getting the same provider and taking half of the speed! mine is not too bad tonight but that is only because the students are on hols for halloweeen. someone in o2 deserves to get fired over this HEAnet offer fiasco!


  3. Something similar happened me, I had been campaigning for broadband services in the Drumsna, Jamestown area here in Leitrim and when I discovered the O2 modem worked I went and told everyone in the local communities about it and I think they all went and got one. A few weeks later my speeds dropped drastically too!


  4. i have the E270 modem with o2 and in the last week the service has dropped to 5kbps at peak times between 6pm and midnight

    the only explanation is contention due to the service being drastically oversold in some areas due to the HEAnet student broadband offer giving 10,000 students cut price broadband and cutting the service for regular “loyal” customers! especially in towns like Carlow with two colleges


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