Google Chrome Review

Just noticed the download link for the new Google Chrome (Beta) on my hompage today and decided to check it out. Knowing Google, I expected it to be excellent!

As expected really, Chrome is pretty minimalist like the google site itself and it has a clean, fresh interface which seems pretty fast to load sites. Unlike some browsers (IE6 are you listening!?) most sites I browsed while testing looked exactly as they should and as they do in other browsers such as IE 7, Safari and my own beloved Firefox.

On first run, you’r asked if you’d like to import favorites from your default browser which needs to be closed first. It placed my firefox toolbar bookmarks in exactly the same order as in firefox which was cool and it has tabbed browsing which is essential these days and something that all the good browsers have.

When you first start chrome it shows tabular thumbnails of the most visited sites you’ve hit as well as a list of your recently bookmarked sites, handy features.  You can also open a new ‘Incognito’ window which won’t be saved in your visited sites list. Handy for the porn mongers amongst us!

What I didn’t really like was the lack of features and options. How do I use the google toolbar?, what about my Alexa rank plugin?, etc.. So I won’t be switchin to it any time soon for that reason but for ease of use and freshness I give it the thumbs up!


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2 thoughts on “Google Chrome Review”

  1. agree with above…

    one positive thing i found about chrome, for the moment, is that some spyware wont affect it that much…i was working on two different machines affected with homepage hijackers and page redirectors etc over that past 4/5 days…and replacing ie7 with firefox / opera had the same results…pages kept redirecting…but google chrome was un-affected..alowing access to downloading cleaning tools etc…
    but i’m sure that’ll all change if it gets popular..


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