Ultrasound Scan

Had our first proper scan today in Sligo General and got given out to for getting scaned too early, apparently its usually in the late 20’s or early 30’s weeks when you get your first scan but we were only following orders!

The usual feelings of pre scan fear and then post scan renewed purpose and exitement after weeks of no symptoms abounded but we finally got to see some decent images of something that actually resembles a proper bubba. The next scan in a month or 2 will give better visuals as will the 4D scan we plan to do later on but for the minute the image below has blown our minds, seeing a hand (center left) and all its bones makes it real!

Scan 2

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4 thoughts on “Ultrasound Scan”

  1. Well I can’t remember exactly when the nurse said we should have come in, was just guessin but the first abrupt words out of her mouth when we walked in were, “Why have they sent you to me this early?” It kinda killed the excitement a bit for us and made us feel guilty for being there! It wasn’t like we decided to just turn up of our own volition!

    Next scan is about 24 weeks, 2 months time.

    Howz your struggle goin, any answers in sight?


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