Positive Pregnancy Test

So the waiting is over (worst 2 weeks in a while!) and this morning we got our first ever positive pregnancy result.

I don’t know whether its because I’m a man or because I’m very non-emotional and ‘scientific’ but even though my partner was sure the vague, faint red line in the positive window was a certain ‘+, I remained to be convinced. It took a phone call to the clinic to reassure me (pluse 5 test kits – all showing the same result!). I had predicted beforehand that I wouldn’t be able to tell for sure what the result meant and so it proved. Its amazing that a small, very simplistic piece of plastic could confuse me so much given that I work in a hi-tech field for a living!


So a whole new ball game starts today and while we know that being pregnant is absolutely NO guarantee that we will have a child in 9 months, its a start and it proves that we are at least capable. Some questions have been answered in the last few months!

More later.


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9 thoughts on “Positive Pregnancy Test”

  1. oh im delighted for you both, been down that road twice already and never even got to do the test!! Thank God it works. best of luck to you.


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