Internet Impatience & Over Design

I am wondering how patient people are when it comes to using the internet for specific purposes. If you set out to find a piece of info or book a flight or whatever, how much do you tolerate fancy, slow sites, animations and sales gimmicks and how relentless are you in achieving your goal??It struck me the other day while browsing the internet randomly in a quiet period that while web sites have generally got a lot better looking, functional and interactive which is good, a lot of sites are filled with pure, useless, distracting garbage!

Designers seem to get carried away with the latest design and web technology and add as much trickery to their sites as they can in an effort to show off or reel in customers etc..(and by the way, I know I am probably a little guilty of this as well but I’m sure I’ll get over ‘widgets’ and ‘gadgets’ soon!).

How many of us want to mess with gadgety bits or sit waiting for stuff to load or would we just prefer if sites fed us the info we need straight away or with no more than one or two clicks? I’m kinda tired of waitin for sites to load or havin to scan a page with a ton of content and info boxes to find the relevant links.

In protest at this trend I purposefully setup one of my latest sites in a VERY minimalist fashion!

Don’t lets forget websites need to serve information or purpose fast, efficiently & painlessly, thats their primary function!


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Leon Quinn

Multimedia Design company in Leitrim, Ireland specializing in WordPress Website Design, Photoshop and Graphics.

8 thoughts on “Internet Impatience & Over Design”

  1. Well theres loads of jobs and houses goin cheap especially in the country (cheap houses that is not jobs!).

    A lot of people in rural areas here including myself work for themselves and theres good supports for this.

    Leitrim is gorgeous!

    I’d buy you a pint if I could dude, we could sit in the pub talkin about babies, how gay would that be!?


  2. Ideally we would, but as always theres loads to consider.

    Jobs, houses etc etc.

    I’ve never once had a provider issue here in 7 years. Any problems have been of my own stupidity.
    (like drilling through my own phone line)

    ‘Personal’ eh… and you’ve not even bought me a pint.


  3. Why, are you returning to Ireland!?

    Depends where you live, if its urban you will have a choice but if its in the outback like me you have to put up with whatever is available (if anything) and at the min all I can get is mobile broadband but right now its down so I’m on dialup speed.

    Theres loads of government plans to make us No. 1 in the broadband league but we are way behind at the min with prices, speed & coverage.

    Have a look at my ‘Moans & Gripes’ category for more broadband nonsense..

    You’re in my ‘Personal’ folder!


  4. This is something that really worries me(I have little to worry about), is the quality of broadband service that poor at home still?

    No ‘baby’ talk there’s a first!…I’m trying to work out which reader folder you belong in!


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