Infertility Progress

So a progress update. We got 6 eggs the other day, a full box! and all 6 had fertilised the next morning.

I finally feel of some use in this whole saga, my 80,000,000 sperm (yeh I know, is that all!?) done their job. It must have been the pumpkin seed advice and magic spells cast by my Wiccan friend. Thanks Draoi. This morning we got a call to say 5 of 6 had matured and they’re ready to get us back tomorrow to put a couple back in.

There should be some left over to freeze for the next time if there is a next time so we can avoid that horrible egg retrieval process. We actually had to go back to Galway yesterday to get my partner checked out because of the pain and breathlessness she was experiencing. Shes at risk from Hyper-stimulation (a killer) so we need to be careful.

We drove 5 hours for just 3 minutes in with the doc while he laughingly shook her belly to try to move the diagnosed wind and blood from her stomach!

Hopefully the embryos go in fine tomorrow and do their job – we were talking about our ‘babies’ last night all alone in a depressing petri dish in some lab. Poor things.


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