Antivirus Spyware and Firewall programs

Its a concern for a lot of people these days who own computers and use the internet regularly and I’m often asked about the best anti-virus programs to use. I’m writing it all down now so people won’t ask me anymore!

Many computers come with the likes of Norton Anti-virus, McAffee or some other trial anti-virus software installed straight out of the box and while these are excellent programs, they can be difficult to use, expensive to update and can hog a lot of your system resources, slowing your computer down.

Most casual computer users don’t need to pay for anti-virus software at all as there are many excellent programs out there for FREE and they’ll be more than enough protection.

Heres what you need for full PC protection against Viruses, Spyware, Internet attacks and Spam (all FREE, click to view download page):



Firewall & Internet attacks


If like me you use the computer a lot or for business then you might want to fork out a bit for an all-in-one security solution. the one I use and am very happy with is Bullguard Internet Security. It’s automated, handles everything, is fast, doesn’t slow down the PC and its not too expensive per year.

Stay safe..


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Leon Quinn

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2 thoughts on “Antivirus Spyware and Firewall programs”

  1. Yep, its still workin fine for me and does its bit in the corner without me having to think! Thanx for recommending it.

    I was wondering when they’d get around to attacking phones as well. I can’t really get online with mine where I am but worth knowing there’s protection if I need it.


  2. Hi Leon. Glad you like Bullguard so much you’re happy to give it a rave. It might also be of interest to some of your readers that mobile phone and PDA’s with internet access are coming under attack from viruses and hacks. Once again Bullguard offer a mobile version of it’s software, I use it and it’s excellent.

    Anyway buddy take care.

    All the Best.



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