Website Scrappage Scheme!

It’s 2012 now but there’s still a lot of really crap websites out there that do no favours for their owners businesses. They don’t have to be particularly old to look out of date because fashions and technology come and go pretty quick online but there are some sites out there that obviously havn’t been changed for many years. Accommodation sites all seem poor for some reason for example!?

It’s great that you have a site but a poor one could do more damage than not having one at all. Internet users these days have come to expect a certain standard as more and more people go online.

Some problems I see more regularly than I’d expect:

  • No content management systems,
  • No RSS Feeds,
  • No Latest News,
  • No Conversion pages,
  • No Social Media links/connections,
  • Poor Imagery,
  • Poor Logos and branding,
  • No SEO,
  • Ancient copyright years,
  • No Analytics,
  • Out of date contact details,
  • Eye bending colours,
  • Layouts broken in different browsers,
  • No accessibility,
  • Very basic shopping carts,
  • Poor usability,
  • Poor styling.

I’m willing to offer 30% off the cost of a rebuild.

Get in touch now to order.

PS – Your old site will beĀ disposedĀ of humanely.