Reverb Studios Reviews Suggestion

Customer Reviews of a companies products or services have become a very big deal online in recent years. Research has shown that if someone reads a positive review of your offering or service online they will be most of the way to buying from you!

On my own blog, the Reviews Category consistently gets more hits than any other and I myself would always look for reviews before buying anything.

I have recently setup a partnership with Ireland’s leading supplier of Review software for websites, LouderVoice. They can supply you with very simple to use plugins for your site that will allow visitors and clients to Rate your service or product and leave comments directly on your site. These reviews can be displayed prominently and should lead to greater sales conversions and excellent customer feedback. Customer reviews can also be routed to Twitter and Facebook for maximum exposure for your site.

Visit for more detailed information or to signup.

Please use the Partner code LV-REVERBSTUDIOS if you decide it’s for you!