WordPress Newsletter Embedded Images Extension Review

Images are disabled by default in a lot of email clients these days in order to protect users from viruses etc. You’ve probably got emails in that look awful because the images have been blocked? Maybe some people don’t know how to easily unblock remotely loaded images so your newsletter may never look as intended. Images are probably the most important thing in an email as the viewer is naturally drawn to them rather than a chunk of text. Images normally contain call to actions and information re offers etc.. so having them disabled is not good.

Embedded Images Extension

This handy little extension for the excellent WordPress Newsletter Plugin from Tribulant when installed and activated disables the remote loading of images and instead embeds and attaches them to the email itself so it displays in the receivers client as intended. Once activated you just create newsletters and add images as normal. The plugin handles the image embedding automatically on sending.

A single site licence is only $15.


  • Upload and activate as a regular plugin.
  • Once activated it integrates with the settings of the main Newsletter Plugin.
  • Specify a folder to contain your embedded images.
  • Image embedding is automatic.
  • Images load immediately on opening email.
  • Emails are cross client compatible.

Download the Embedded Images Extension now.


WordPress Commercial Plugin Affiliate System

We all like to make a bit of ‘automated money’ right? I’ve been on this affiliate scheme with Tribulant, a South African web development company that specialises in commercial WordPress plugins. I used some of their plugins below both on my own sites and clients’ and was so impressed with them I wrote some reviews to spread the word. The reviews got a fair few hits and then Tribulant started this affiliate scheme in conjunction with Post Affiliate Pro so it made sense to try monetise my reviews:

WordPress Newsletter Plugin

WordPress Banner Ads Plugin

WordPress Shopping Cart Plugin

Out of all the affiliate schemes I’m currently running or have run in the past, none come near as much monthly income as I get through Tribulant. Their 30% commission is pretty generous and payouts are prompt with no minimum withdrawl amount unlike most other schemes.

So I’m just spreading the word, no strings attached. It doesn’t matter if a ton of people sign up from here, it’s not competition for me.

So¬†Sign up now, (it’s totally FREE) and link to some of Tribulant’s products and see how much you can make!


WordPress and Realex Integration

I am very pleased to announce that proper Credit Card and Laser transactions using Realex processing can now be taken on WordPress powered sites via the Shopping Cart plugin from Tribulant. I think this is a significant development considering both the recent popularity of WordPress as a full website content management and E-commerce system and the position Realex occupies as one of the world’s most popular credit card processors. I am also glad to have personally initiated, advised and funded the integration.