Tornado in Leitrim!?

Very strange thing happened this morning in Keshcarrigan, Leitrim. Was in the toilet and there was a crazy rumbling noise all around me and the extractor fan looked like it was gonna pop out and hit me in the face. My partner started shouting at me that stuff (big stuff!) was flying around the garden and we all got a bit panicky! I had vision of the roof and walls lifting off the house and me sitting there on the toilet for all to see! I went out the back and everything was upended including a massive swing which took four of us to move last week and which had been lifted up, flipped over and fecked on top of a wooden fence, smashing it. My business sign out the front which itself is damn heavy also got wrecked.

The weird thing is that it was fairly calm and sunny only minutes before and we were thinking of going out with the dogs and baby. My partner said it got dark really quick, start lashing with hailstones and severe winds then minutes later it was calm and sunny again! I even thought it might have been some nuclear type wind!

Scary global warming…