Commercial WordPress Themes

Commercial design templates, as opposed to free ones or custom made designs, are an excellent way to get a professional and modern looking website up and running with minimum cost and time. Having previously used only free wordpress templates I found the quality a bit poor at times and some templates even had viruses embedded. Support was usually lacking too if you encountered problems.

With commercial themes costing from only about €25 up, I’ve found variety, quality, functionality and support excellent. Modern commercial themes usually come with 1 click install, easy to use options screens and dummy content install files so you can get up and running quickly, leaving only some small customisation work and content addition/organisation.

Having used a lot of commercial theme sites, I’ve settled on theses big, well known three:

Elegant Themes





Have a look at their template demos above or some of my most recent web projects for design examples.

Get in touch with me if you’d like help implementing a new template for your WordPress site.