Get Facebook Page Notifications

At Last!!!! I’ve always thought it was mind boggling that Facebook didn’t have some sort of email notification system for when someone posts or comments on your Page wall or Page photos. Would love to know the reason why they’ve not added it? I smell a rat! Business Facebook page notifications should be essential these days so companies can keep an eye on customer relations and respond to questions and feedback posted.

I’ve just found a Facebook app that does the job perfectly well. It’s called PageNotifier. Click that link and add the application to your Facebook account then configure it as below:

Facebook Page Notifier

You can get the Page ID value by visiting your own page and looking in the address bar or if you’ve got a tidy URL you can click the ‘Edit Page’ link then copy the ID number from the address bar that way.

You can add multiple page notifications and on first use, PageNotifier scans your pages every 15 minutes. After 24 hours it only scans once a day unless you subscribe to an affordable monthly payment plan but I think once a day is probably enough. It’s certainly better than the ‘never scan’ default Facebook option!

The app currently notifies you of Wall posts, Comments, and Photo, Album & Video Comments. Here’s what an email notification looks like:

Facebook Page Notifier Email

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