MP3 Sound Asleep Pillow Review

I couldn’t resist grabbing one of these after spotting an ad in a pc mag. I listen to music in bed a lot and it helps me sleep sometimes. I had in-ear headphones that weren’t too uncomfortable but twisting and turning was still a bit hard on the ears and mid-sleep self-strangulation was always a likelyhood!

I bought the pillow despite doubting it’s abilities to provide the same high quality sound earphones do and doubting whether the sound could be fully private and contained in close proximity to someone else. The price of about €27 incl postage was worth the gamble I reckoned so I bought one last week and it got here pretty quick.

MP3 Pillow

Thankfully it came with the correct attachments for connecting to my iPhone, namely a decent length stereo mini-jack (3.5mm) to mini-jack lead. That leads me to my first problem! Maybe I was expecting too much but surely, if you can put one speaker in a pillow, you can put two!? There’s only one as far as I can hear and it’s placed over at one corner of the pillow. What might have been better is if it had two speakers, one each side then you could put your head in the middle and get a surround sound, stereo effect?

The vendor’s claim that “only you can hear your personal sounds, so your partner can sleep in peace” is not strictly true unless you keep the volume way down or he/she cancels things out by snoring! I’m a bit of an audiophile so I need to be able to hear my music properly to fully enjoy it. Turning it up loud didn’t wake anyone else in the house either though it has to be said.

I think the real value of this is for people who’d like some background music or sounds to help them drift off, or even to listen to audio books. If you want to buy it to rock out to your favorite tunes in bed and not have someone next to you hear then forget it. Getting an extension lead and hooking up to the TV might be a cool idea too. Of course you could use it elsewhere apart from the bedroom, ie – car, plane journeys etc..

Worth buying though.

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