iPhone OS 4.0 Quick Tips

I downloaded the new operating system (OS 4.0) upgrade for my iPhone last night and it went fairly smoothly. I was eager to try out some of the fantastic new features outlined including: Multitasking, Folders, Camera Zoom and Orientation Lock. Post upgrade, the new Home Screen Wallpaper feature was immediately visible as was the new iPad style reflective footer shelf for the default apps. It wasn’t immediately obvious how to use some of the new features so here’s how for those of you wondering:

Multitasking/Orientation Lock:

To acces the Multitasking screen just press the Home button twice. This brings up a bar at the bottom of the screen which lists your currently running apps. If you swipe all the way to the left you’ll see some cool new iPod controls and the button for locking the screen in either Portrait or Landscape mode. A very handy feature that will prevent unwanted rotations in bed!

Orientation Lock/Multitasking


To create new folders, simply hold down on any app to enter the edit screen and drag an app on top of another one to create a new folder pair. You can then name this new folder and drag more apps into it.


Digital Zoom:

I know digital zoom is kinda silly and low quality but it might come in handy the odd time. To access the new zoom features, tap just above the Take Snapshot button and you’ll see the zoom slider appear.

Digital Zoom

Hope this helps.