Gravity Forms WordPress Newsletter Extension Review

My favourite WordPress plugin development company Tribulant have recently added a number of extensions for their popular commercial plugins to extend their functionality and integrate with other well known WordPress plugins. One that caught my eye and one I’ve been using for a while now is the Gravity Forms extension for their excellent Newsletter plugin.

Basically it adds new options to the best WordPress Forms plugin, “Gravity Forms“, that allow you to add a Newsletter Subscription box to any form you create on your site. And I’ve added it to all of mine!

Here’s some features:

  • Simple activation through the existing Newsletter Configuration screen,
  • Seamless integration with the Gravity Form builder,
  • Adds a “Newsletters” field under “Advanced Fields” in the Gravity Form builder (see below),
  • Auto check option,
  • Choose Mailing List option,
  • Routing/Custom Field options to grab the Name and Email fields from the Gravity Form.

Here’s a screenshot of the settings screen:

Gravity Forms Extension

Check out my Contact page to see it in action.

Get the extension from now.