WordPress Custom Fields Plugin Review

I’m sad to say that despite using WordPress for ages now, I’ve only recently got into using custom fields. I can see myself using them a lot more now! Very handy things altogether.. For a recent web project, the client needed visitors to be able to register for the site and submit specific information about themselves while doing so. I needed an easy way to add questions and form fields to the existing WordPress registration form and also to make these fields available and editible to users who were logged in and wanted to change their profile info.


I done a general Google search for such a plugin and there are many but I remembered seeing one on the Tribulant site whose excellent plugins I’ve used before and been happy with so ‘better the devil you know’! Tribulant’s Custom Field plugin is a commercial one but costs only $14.99 for a single site licence ($74.95 for developer/multi site) so I bought without testing, confident that it would live up to expectations and it did.

Here’s a run down on what the plugin can do:

  • Add Multiple fields to the Wordpres Registration Form,
  • Add fields to the ‘Edit Profile’ admin screen,
  • Field Validation,
  • Drah and Drop Field Ordering,
  • Add Multiple Field Types including:
  • Text,
  • List,
  • Drop Down,
  • File Upload,
  • Country List,
  • Text Area,
  • Radio Button
  • Date picker,

The standout feature for me was probably support for different field types. Predefined Country and date picker fields are also very handy as was the ability to order fields. Of course, data entered in any additional custom fields can also be used and displayed on the site front end giving endless possibilities for data display, ie – creating a business directory using WordPress in which companies submit their business info on registration and have it displayed on the site.

Here’s an example of a site I built using this plugin in conjunction with some others – www.RecruitAuto.ie

Demos, Documentation and Support HERE.

Get the plugin HERE.