TP For Your Bunghole?

My Beavis/Cornholio, T-shirt over the head, “TP for my bunghole” impersonation is legendary at this stage so I thought I’d create a jar of virtual “TP Cream” in Photoshop for the crack (pardon the pun). I started out with the following assets:

  1. A nice Hi-res jar of cream image from,
  2. A decent head shot of the man himself “Beavis” from Google images,
  3. Photoshop CS6.

I cut the original jar image below out of it’s background just so I could create my own jar reflections, shadows and background colour:


Next I used the Pen tool to draw the shape of a jar label and the star shape around Beavis’s head both of which I added an orange stroke effect to. I cut Beavis out of his background image and pasted him onto the label then used the Transform tool to get his size and perspective right’ish. I dragged in Beavis again and manoeuvred him on to the jar lid with the Transform tool again then set his layer to Overlay to make him fit in better.

Next I drew a path with the Pen tool that followed the shape of the label and added “TP For Your Bunghole” along it. I used the dreaded Comic Sans font but it seemed appropriate for this job!?

Finally, I added a bit of manual darkening over the right side of the added graphics using a very opaque and soft black brush, just to mirror the jar darkness on that side. I also used the colour replacement tool to make the cream inside the jar a little less pinky and more browny/orangey to match the colour scheme and topic!

Here’s the final effort:

TP for your Bunghole



PS – this cream is fictitious, I’m not selling any before you ask!