Moving House Checklist and Tips

I’m in the middle of my 8th 9th 12th house move in 19 years so am well practised! It occurred to me while ticking off things that I needed to do that I should document the process both for my own benefit (I may move again!) and for the benefit of others. I’d like to present a list of things like Addresses you might need to change, how and who to contact to change them, etc..

Address Updates:

You will probably need to contact the following a week or 2 before your move in order to change your address details on file. I’ve included the organization/bill name, how to contact them and other relevant details beside each listed item. (This list is based on my own utility setup and might not include all companies.)

  • Bank of Ireland Bank Accounts/Visa/Loans – You can initiate the address change in your online banking account then a letter will be sent to your new address and you fill it out and return to complete the change.
  • Permanent TSB – Over the phone.
  • House/Car Insurance – Phone as close to moving day as possible. You may be able to change your details online too depending on the insurer. You may also have to contact the finance company if they are separate from the insurer.
  • Car Tax/NCT – Send in your amended License certificate (VLC). Changes will automatically go to the NCT office within a week or 2.
  • ESB/Airtricity – Ring in meter reading and close old account the day you move out of old house. Ring in readings and open new account in new house soon as you move in. You may need MPRN numbers for this.
  • Eir/Broadband – Ring in to move your account. Takes about a week to switch on a line in the new house and activate broadband. You will loose your phone number if you’re switching exchanges. Eir have a handy online “Moving Home” form here –
  • O2/3/Vodafone/Mobile – Should be able to change online in your account section.
  • Tesco Clubcard – change in your online account here –
  • Sky – Phone in details. You might have to install equipment at the new address and update your landline with them.
  • Hospital/Doctor – Phone in new details.
  • HSE/Medical Card – Email your new address, name and PPS number along with proof of new address such as a utility bill to More info here.
  • Oil/Gas – Phone in details. You may also have to give meter readings in old and new addresses and open/close accounts.
  • Waste collection – Ring/email and see if you can bring bins with you and switch your address.
  • Vets/Dog licenses – Phone vets with new details to receive immunisation notices. An Post issue dog licence reminders so contact them or your local county council.
  • Pet Microchip Details – update yours and your pets details on
  • Revenue/Tax – Phone or post in details to your local tax office. You may be able to email a request through your account too.
  • TV License – Email or phone your local head post office.
  • Electoral Register – You should be able to check details online and email or ring in address changes to you local county council. You may need to include your old address, new address, date of birth and phone number in the request.
  • Social Welfare – Bring in some proof of your new address, ie – utility bill, etc.. You may have to change your local office if you move far away.
  • Life Insurance – Phone the insurance company or your bank if with them as part of a mortgage. Joint policy holders might need confirmation via post or email.
  • Business – Communicate your new address to all clients who have outstanding bills.
  • Website – If you’re in business and have a website don’t forget to update your contact details anywhere they appear online (Google yourself!).
  • eBay/Paypal – If you use either of these services, it’s very important you change your address quickly to receive outstanding goods and payments.


  • Dump stuff you don’t need before moving (I will definitely do this next time!).
  • Write out a list of things to do well in advance of moving.
  • Change to paperless billing to make address changes less required.
  • Start picking up cardboard boxes from local shops well in advance.
  • Book your van and help if required a few weeks before. Having a van is invaluable and not too expensive.
  • Move essential stuff like beds, food, etc.. last.
  • Clean the old house if rented as best you can to improve the chances of getting your deposit back!

Hope this all helps.


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16 thoughts on “Moving House Checklist and Tips”

  1. I’m moving house in 8 weeks time and found this really helpful. You know that feeling when you don’t know where to start!!! Big thank you.


  2. Moving house is very stressful.Thanks for sharing these tips.My friend is shifting to new place.She has pets with her.How can pets be shifted to that place.She has a van,But pets can not be loaded on this van i am  searching best service for my pets.Suggest me some idea.


  3. Moving a house is one of the hardest things i’ve ever know, it can make us stressed, gives us a lot of jobs, worries us especially in having a new neighborhood, but you know to lessen are worries and stress today there are what we called house mover, which can help us to transfer/ move are items in different place in less worries and very safe, that’s why i’m so glad because it can help a lot of people especially those people who want to lessen their job in transferring in a new home


  4. A little something to add, make sure that all bill, gas, electric, phone and internet …or sky etc is sorted before you move in. I know a few who have left things that they need straight away untill after they’ve moved in and it can get stressful if the company cannot provide you with it straight away.

    Nice post!


  5. Hi Leon,
    I have recently moved to Leitrim, Leckaun. I’ve been researching my broadband options with very little joy. Can you recomend a provider?
    Go Raibh Mile Maigh Agat!


    1. Hey, welcome to Leitrim Dec!

      I think that’s way up North Leitrim yes?

      You might be a little stuck for a broadband provider so. If you are within 3 miles of Dromahair you might get it from Eircom otherwise, try 3, O2 or Vodafone or maybe Last Mile or Groupnet.


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