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Weight Loss Progress & BMI Calculator Spreadsheet With Chart

Prompted by my own recent requirements to lose weight and try sort out my high blood pressure issues, myself and a friend in similar need to lose weight decided to document and graph our weight loss “progress” (hopefully!) so we jointly created a shared spreadsheet on Google Sheets where we can both input our weekly weight and have it calculate our BMIs then chart the lot on an easy to read graph.

I’d recommend doing this with another person or two as you can both spur each other on to lose the weight.


Table Data
Table Data


Download the Microsoft Office Spreadsheet HERE and fill in your own data. It should be easy enough to understand and use. You just need to enter your own data for the following:

  • Your Height
  • Your Weekly Weight
  • Your Target Weight
  • Your Target BMI

The spreadsheet does the rest.

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3 thoughts on “Weight Loss Progress & BMI Calculator Spreadsheet With Chart”

  1. Body Mass Index (BMI) is a simple calculation using a person’s height and weight.
    The formula is BMI = kg/m2
    where kg is a person’s weight in kilograms and m2 is their height in metres squared.


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