How To Add WiFi & Online Sharing Functionality to older DSLRs

I got my first pro level Digital Camera/DSLR a little while ago, a Canon EOS 500D and one of the first things I noticed was that when I took a photo, I couldn’t do anything more with it until I got it on a PC! I’m too used to taking pictures with the phone camera and instantly sharing them to Facebook, Twitter etc..

Newer DSLRs will probably have WiFi functionality built in but mine is an older model with none so I googled around for some kind of Canon WiFi attachment that would allow me to transfer or share photos wirelessly. What I came across was something I’d never heard of, an “EyeFi WiFi SD card“! It works just like a regular SD memory card and comes in different capacities like 8MB, 16MB & 32MB but it has a WiFi chip on it too that communicates with other WiFi devices like your PC, Laptop, Smartphone or Tablet.


I got the 8MB EyeFi Mobi card. All I should need really. It costs about €40 including postage from the Apple Ireland online store which was the cheapest source online according to PriceSpy.ie. Simply install the EyeFi phone or Desktop app then insert the EyeFi SD card in your DSLR and turn on. The pairing process happens automatically via the phone/desktop app and you’ll be asked for the activation number that comes with the card during the process. When the SD card and app are paired just start taking pics! In a matter of minutes the photos appear in the phone or desktop app.

Sharing & Online Backup:

I noticed on my Samsung Galaxy 4 Android phone that when the photos transferred to the EyeFi app, they also when into my Google Photos and I have them set to automatically back up, full size to the Google cloud so that was damn handy! However, you can also sign up for EyeFi cloud which is around €40 per year for unlimited storage with the first few months free. Photos are then backed up to the cloud as well as your device. Once the photos are on the phone in the EyeFi app or cloud you can obviously share them via your preferred service.

Also, using IFTTT.com you can set up many scenarios such as every time a photo is uploaded to EyeFi cloud it goes to Dropbox too which is cool.


The EyeFi app and cloud only automatically transfers JPEG images not RAW.

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