How To Replace the Heating Element on your Beko Tumble Dryer

Our Beko Tumble Dryer went tits up after just over a year usage from new. The warranty had just expired and money was a bit tight to hire an appliance repair guy so I Googled around and armed myself with enough information to be confident of the problem diagnosis, spare part required and replacement process involved. I sourced the part from (took a while as spares aren’t usually available for newish models) and went about replacing it as outlined below. The whole process took about 30 mins.

I am gonna guess the process is roughly the same for most tumble driers but my model is the Beko DCU9330W.

Here’s what a Heating Element Assembly looks like for my dryer at least. There’s heating coils inside the box and Thermostats/Thermistors on the top to regulate temperature. These can blow but can’t be easily replaced on their own without the full assembly:

Beko Heating Element Assembly

Step 1:

Unplug the machine! Remove the ton of screws holding the funny shaped back plate on. Locations as below. The screws are all a little different so take note which ones go where. I put the screws on the counter in the same rough shape as the back plate to easily remember.

Back Cover

Step 2:

Remove the top cover of the machine to give access to the heater element connectors inside. There’s 3 screws at the back on my model holding the top cover in place. You can now disconnect the 2 connectors as marked below (plus cable tie) and pull the cable through from the back:


Step 3:

Replace the heating element unit. There’s 3 screws at the top of mine and when removed the unit slides up and off easily. Reverse the process to add the new unit and feed the cables through the hole to the left for connection inside the drier as above. Replace any cable ties removed when taking out the old heater to prevent cables causing problems for the drum.

Heater Unit

You’re welcome.


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