My Own Hitler Downfall Video

The Hitler downfall video meme has been doing the rounds now for some years and is basically a parody of a scene in a German WWII film made in 2004 called “Der Untergang”. There have been hundreds if not thousands of parody videos made and put on youTube showing the scene from the movie with different subtitles over it, usually mimicking some currently topical/trivial news item in a humorous manor with titles like “Hitler reacts to…”. The scene from the film basically shows Hitler receiving some bad news from his officers, throwing a massive wobbly then calming down at the end.

While I know it’s not pc to put Hitler and comedy in the same context, it’s hard not to laugh out loud at some of the downfall videos and as soon as I spotted a website that generates Hitler Downfall videos last week, I knew I’d have to do my own one! The website generates the final video and connects to your youTube account to upload it on your behalf but there’s a lot of work to be done inputting the subtitles for nearly 4 mins of video. The best ones seem to take a topical news item, usually trivial and apply it to Hitler. Basically, anything that Hitler would never react to in such an over the top way! I chose the recent news item regarding Colorado and Washington’s public vote to legalise Marijuana. It was a quick and rough effort and I’m no comedy genius but some people seem to like it. Let me know what you think:

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