10 Years Computing Today!

10 years ago today I bought my first PC from the now defunct Compustore on the Long Mile/Nass road in Dublin. It was a Packard Bell iMedia (below) and it still works. Using it as my backup/music studio PC now.

Packard Bell iMedia

I bought it mainly to record music and because a friend of mine bought one a bit before and showed me what a pc could do, even in the days before broadband! The last time I’d touched a PC was in college studying engineering about 7 years previously when Windows 3.1 and maybe ’95 were popular. My one had Windows XP which had just come out and as most people know, 7 years is a long time in computing, a lot changes and after I managed to get it out of the box, connected and turned on, it looked pretty alien to me.

The very first thing I did was to go online, via dialup and the first website I saw was Eircom’s. On it I saw an ad for an online dating site and for those that know me personally, the rest is history! Here’s some of the things I’ve done with computers since:

  • Started an IT business,
  • Met my Fiance and mother of my 2 girls,
  • Recorded music,
  • Found jobs,
  • Met friends,
  • Communicated with the world,
  • Found old school mates,
  • Gained respect,
  • Booked holidays,
  • Found cheaper stuff to buy,
  • Re-gained a love of writing,
  • Learned a LOT,
  • Photoshopped,
  • Designed,
  • Edited movies,
  • Enabled instant access to infinite information,
  • Diagnosed illnesses.
I know there’s an element of unreality and coldness about computers as opposed to real life interactions but used wisely, the computer can really enhance life and open doors.

What have you done with yours!?


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