Eventbrite Review – Online Event Registration & Ticket Sales

If you are a business or organisation that organises Events and would like to take registrations or sell tickets for events, then you could do worse than use Eventbrite.ie. It has pretty much been the worldwide market leader for online event registration and ticket sales now for a number of years and they now have an Irish site!

Stand out Features:

I’ve used Eventbrite one or twice as a booking engine for client sites thanks to it’s widgetised code which can be pasted on any site. Here’s some features which stood out for me though.

  • FREE to use (unless you take payments),
  • Take ticket payments via Credit Card, Paypal or ‘at the door’,
  • Show the Eventbrite booking system on your own site or a customised page,
  • Send attendees pro, bar coded tickets they can print off and bring,
  • Easy event promotion,
  • Social Media Integration,
  • Save attendees email addresses for mailshots,
  • Auto Name badges and attendee lists,
  • Multiple ticket types,
  • Personalised event links/URL’s,
  • iPhone and Android apps,
  • Add Google Analytics to Event Pages.

Here is a full feature list:

  • FREE Event creation,
  • Professional Ticketing,
  • Event Pages,
  • Event Reports,
  • Sell from your own site,
  • Events Widgets,
  • FREE event promotion,
  • Save email lists,
  • Send customised email marketing,
  • MailChimp Integration,
  • Event tracking links,
  • Accept Donations,
  • Absorb paid ticket processing fees or pass on to customer,
  • Manage reoccurring events,
  • Wait lists.

Here’s a screenshot of the Create Event process so you can get a feel for how simply it all works.

Signup for FREE at Eventbrite.ie today!

Create Event

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