Popular Ways to Extend Your WordPress Site

So you’ve had a basic WordPress site built for you (possibly by me!?) or put one up yourself and you’ve got your design in, pages, images and blog/news posts up and you’re pretty happy with how it all looks. Did you realise you can add to the core WordPress functionality by installing plugins to make it do almost anything you can imagine? For me, that remains probably the best feature of WordPress along with it’s ease of use.

Wordpress Plugins

So what extra things might you want WordPress to do?

Send Newsletters

Capturing email address from your website and building a database of contacts then keeping in touch with them or sending offers etc is an excellent way to market and this plugin is probably one of the most popular WordPress additions requested by my clients:


Sell Stuff

All business have something to sell. If it’s products then it makes sense to sell them off your own website. This plugin will do all you need including show categories, add postage, paypal and credit card payments etc..:


Capture Data & Details

It’s highly recommended that you have some kind of conversion form on your website, ie a form that gathers information from visitors either automatically (browser, operating system, referring site, etc..) or manually by asking them questions. For businesses that are service based these kind of forms can be made take a payment or deposit too:


Contact me if you you’d like any of this functionality on your site.


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