How To Add Your Google + Profile URL & Image in Search Results

Google have just started recognising the ‘rel=author’ tag on sites which means you can use it to show your Google + profile photo and url on any google search results showing pages/posts from your site. I think it’s a cool thing because it kinda highlights your result among least until everyone starts doing it! It also gives your result/business a personal edge or a bit of branding right in the results page:


Here’s how to set it up, not rocket science: Add the following line to the ‘Head’ section of your website html:

[html]<link rel="author" href="<a href=""></a>"/>%5B/html%5D

Where the ‘href’ url is the url to your Google + profile. Next, make sure you have a link pointing back to the site you’ve added this tag to, in your Google + profile. It should go in the About – ‘Other Profiles’ or ‘Contributor’ Section. Finally, make sure your Plus one’s are public in the Google + profile settings and that you have chosen a suitable Google + profile pic! You can test whether it’s set up right or not here – Rich snippet test. Leon

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