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How To Block Specific Google AdSense Ads

Thanks to Barry Flood for pointing out to me that you can filter or block certain ads or types of ad from appearing on your website via Google AdSense. I never presumed you could and was too lazy to look through the settings in my AdSense account! The reason this came to light is that the ads on this blog were showing content that could be deemed competitive, ie – I seen ads for website building software and companies that could take business away from me! Bit silly eh..

Anyway, here’s how you block ads:

Login to your Google AdSense account at and click on the “Allow & Block Ads” tab at the top. Yeh, it’s pretty obvious, not sure how I missed it!

On the left under “Blocking Options” you can block ads in several different ways:

  • Advertiser URL’s – Input a list of web addresses you want to block.
  • General Categories – Block topics such as Health, Travel, etc…don’t go mad here!
  • Sensitive Categories – Similar to above but with topics such as Drugs, Religion, Sexual Health, etc..not illegal stuff but stuff that not everyone might find appropriate.
  • Ad Networks – These are known ‘Google Certified’ ad networks. You’d need to do a fair bit of research to know which of these to block so I just left them alone.

Google AdSense Block Ads

You’ll need to take a glance at the ad impressions and earnings for each category before you block it to make sure you’re not going to be blocking a great revenue stream but you may have to trade off at some stage. For example “Beauty & Personal Care” and “Hobbies & Leisure” were strong earners for me at about 34% each and I’d gladly have blocked them if it wasn’t for that as they’re not exactly relevant to my content and business. Conversely, the category I did block – “Internet Software & Goodies” is highly relevant but this is the category that kept throwing up competitor ads. It had only 4.2% earnings so I felt it was a safe, calculated gamble to block it.


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12 thoughts on “How To Block Specific Google AdSense Ads”

    1. Blocking all google ads rather than certain ones (if that’s what you mean?) shouldn’t be too tricky…bit of php ‘IF’ statements or I’d say there’s probably a wordpress plugin that puts a tick box on all posts.


  1. I don’t know how I missed it either! It’s a good thing you wrote about this because it’s quite irritating to get ads on my site that are not related to what I am promoting. Thanks for the time and effort in detailing the instruction. Great post!


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