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Template Monster Sucks

I’ve had a nice little setup with Template Monster for a few years now. I sell their WordPress themes from my own site and use them for client projects and get a nice affiliate discount. The themes have always been fine and have been very handy for clients not sure what they need design wise. I just get them to browse the templates, pick one they like and I buy it and customise it for them. I collect my 20% discount when my account reaches $100.

The problems started for me when they decided to require database dumps to get the template looking the same as the one demoed, ie – you need to import a database to a fresh wordpress install via phpMyadmin or something similar. Not for the faint hearted. Otherwise, you face a massive job trying to re-create the functionality that was sold to you via the demo.

Lately, the quality of more than a few templates has been awful – to the point where the whole reason for using templates in the first place, ie efficiency, is compromised as you try to fix layout and css issues that result from even the most minor of hacks/customisations.

The latest issue I’ve had and the one that will probably mean me not using Template Monster again concerns a template that only works with a rather old and insecure WordPress 3.0 and not the latest version 3.2.1. After some testing in Internet Explorer 9.0, my client and I found issues with wordpress that meant we couldn’t use version 3.0 but when we tried 3.2.1, certain, very important parts of the template wouldn’t work.

I was pretty snookered and after weeks of bouncing back and forth in Template Monster’s support system, during which they done nothing but supplied useless information, never read what I’d already said and wouldn’t refund me, I’ve had to abandon the template and them along with it!


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7 thoughts on “Template Monster Sucks”

  1. I have $39 in a dormant affiliate account with them and I tried to get it out today but you have to have at least $100 to withdraw. They told me I’d have to buy a crappy template that I don’t need or want to use up the credit so I said screw it, I’ll buy one for a site of mine that’s a little out of date. They’ve none for under €39 and no way of paying the extra amount on checkout! Plus their templates are STILL crap and crazily overpriced compared to somewhere like Themeforest.net. Fail.


  2. I agree, they sell crappy themes, I tried a prestashop theme and it was not up to date even if they announce the theme should work with a certain version. Support sucks, they don’t read my question and give me pre made answers, like talking to a robot with no brain.


  3. I got a flash template from template monster. It has some issues and asked for their support. They have not resolved the ticket 15 days after it was originally posted. I am thinking of making my own blog on wordpress with support tickets, chat logs etc, to show how ridiculously amateurish attitude they have towards customers.


  4. What about their support? I just got a template from them, the .fla file has issues and after 72 hours they have not replied to my ticket. They even marked it as closed and resolved twice. 


  5. This brings up the age old issue of the template vs a custom design, my sister put me onto the one we use for our timeshare disposal site but it is temporary, we have looked at Elegant themes and Woo themes, a few seem OK but in the end I think we will get someone like you to do us a custom job.  First we have to work out the content and image we want to reflect.  It all takes time!


  6. Wow, what a horror story!  Thank you for the tip though…I will keep clear of Template Monster as well!  I hadn’t heard about it prior to your post, so thank you for your post and information.


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