Bullguard Internet Security

Bullguard Internet Security

The second of the all in one PC security suites I tried out turned out to be the winner, no further experimentation required with any other software. This one did everything I expected and needed straight away.

You can download a trial version HERE. Installation was quick and painless and once you register the trial software, you get to use it for a generous 2 months from installation date without buying. If you decide to buy then you have a 30 day money back guarantee if not satisfied. All very good signs that Bullguard have confidence in their software! If things go wrong, their support is excellent, with support contact functionality available right from the program via Live Chat or Email. Emails were always quickly answered too. Bullguard guarantee a reply within 1 hour!

The programs interface is very easy on the eye and its very simple to navigate and use. Most of the settings are setup automatically on installation and no further tinkering is required unless you like tinkering! The advanced menus are hidden by default but available if you need them. My internet and email all worked straight away with no obvious decrease in speed and every program that tries to access the internet needs your approval first. There will be quite a few of these approvals needed at first but you can tell the program to remember your choice so it learns and won’t ask again.

Bullguard Internet Security

It updates itself as you would expect and you can schedule anti-virus scans which makes the whole thing automated, you should never have to go near it again which is the way it should be. It also keeps a ‘Live’ eye on your system, ie – if and when a virus enters your system by whatever means, Bullguard will spot it straight away. Marking email as spam is a pretty simple process – highlight the email and click the ‘Spam’ button in the Outlook Express toolbar. The program doesn’t seem to hog system resources too much and the yearly license fee isn’t too bad with discounts for multiple years.

Here’s the full spec list:

  • Anti Virus,
  • Live, Manual or Scheduled Anti Virus checking,
  • Firewall,
  • Spam Filter,
  • Program Inspector,
  • Local and Online Backup (5 GB, more for extra),
  • Backup Scheduling or when system is idle,
  • Gaming Mode (Lowers resources used while gaming).

You can buy it HERE!


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One thought on “Bullguard Internet Security”

  1. We had a client who had the trial version of Bulldog installed on their laptop.

    After the trial expired, the software prevented the user from access to the internet to “keep them safe”, only way of accessing the internet was to purchase the software or uninstall it..


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