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Something interesting and unexpected happened me recently (like yesterday!). I built a new website last week and, as you do, tried to promote it best I could a few days after it went live. I used the usual channels, ie – wrote a blog post here and on my other sites about it, Facebook, Twitter, etc..I also decided to submit a press release for free through which I’ve done a few times previously for some of my other sites but without any great effect. That press release got picked up by a prominent Irish Technology News service Silicon Republic who deemed it worthy to republish on their site pretty much in it’s entirity complete with images and web links, both to the new site and my main Reverb Studios one.

Silicon Republic publish all their stories on Twitter to (currently) 3,727 followers and also to their Facebook page. The Twitter side of it is what interested me most. They also include a “Retweet this” button on their articles and the article about my new site has been retweeted by 12 different people so far. Drilling down a little I was able to find these people’s Twitter url’s and see how many people in turn followed them. The follower numbers ranged from 59 to 12,300.

By my very rough calculations, I’m guessing in the region of 27,000 people worldwide on twitter alone have been potentially exposed to Silicon Republic’s article so far and by extension, to both my new site and this one and all for about 15 mins writing the original press release! You wont get that with an ad in the local paper!

Here’s my Google stats for the day:

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One thought on “Online PR and Press Releases”

  1. I’ve only recently begun to explore the power of twitter for marketing. It’s been my experience that (as your stats show) you can get a huge number of hits in a very short time. What I’ve also noticed that people on twitter are basically click-monkies, meaning they will click on anything even if they don’t necessarily have an interest in it. I’m still looking into this what this means and if there is any way to take advantage of it. 🙂


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