Facebook Contact Form

Add a Contact Form to Facebook

I bet you’re like me and thought this should have been fairly easy right!? Wrong. Unless I missed something fairly obvious, there doesn’t seem to be an easy way to do it without the help of either a web developer/FBML expert or external apps/sites. The first obvious thing I tried was searching for Facebook Form apps but nothing turned up. Secondly, I tried pasting some of the code from my own site forms including offsite code from my Blog Newsletter (which normally works anywhere) into an FBML app tab and presumably due to FBML or Facebook restrictions, that was rendered useless.

Facebook Contact Form

After some Google research, I came upon an excellent and mostly free form building site called JotForm.com which presents you with an easy to use WYSIWYG form builder with all the options you could ever need. The most important option I found at the end was that you can generate Facebook specific FBML code that is guaranteed to work in your FBML app tab. Jotform doesn’t stick it’s logos all over your form, in fact, there’s no clue it’s there at all through the whole process. It also redirects any data entered to an email address of your choice.

I tried it and here are the results after very little time messing around:


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