Crazy BP Photoshop Twitpic Stats

Twitpic is a Twitter related service for sharing photos via Twitter in real time and is normally included in the likes of Phone and PC Twitter clients by default. As you send out a tweet, you can attach a picture from your PC or Phone camera and the application will automatically embed a Twitpic link so your followers can view the picture. One of the best things about Twitpic is the stats it gives on how many people have viewed your pic and while I suspect they are not terribly accurate (Simply refreshing adds hits!) and possibly count search robot visits, etc..it’s still a good, rough indication of viewer numbers.

Most of the pics I post to Twitpic go out on Facebook too and I get on average about 30 to 40 hits, however a recent upload went totally off the scale! Readers might have heard about the recent controversy involving British Petroleum (BP) when they released a poorly Photoshopped (edited) image to the media depicting a BP monitoring room where workers were keeping an eye on the oil leak. The image was edited to make it look like they were a little busier than they actually were but it wasn’t a great job!

I spotted a link from Wired magazine on Twitter asking for members of the design community to have a go at altering the original BP photo for the laugh and to see if they could do a better job than the botched BP one so I gave it a bash, seeing a good oportunity to get my Photoshop skills some coverage and maybe get some work in considering the Twitpic links to my main Twitter account with all my business info and web links attached!

Here’s the result below depicting some ‘alternative/lighter viewing’ in the BP control room and here’s my Twitpic with stats (currently 17,864 hits):


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