O2 Mobile Call Divert Codes

I just moved to a village in Leitrim (Keshcarrigan) with virtually no coverage on the O2 network, yeh I know I shoulda checked coverage before we moved in or at least believed the previous tenant who pointed it out to us when he was showing the house! Anyhow, I’m here now and I’ve tried a few things with my iPhone as suggested by Apple and O2 support including restoring to factory settings, swapping Sims, etc but the signal is just crap. The only other thing I could think of doing was to redirect calls to my mobile to the land line, but that wasn’t very ideal or efficient.

Today I rang O2 support to see if they had any other ideas on what to do and thankfully they had! I had totally forgotten that there are a whole series of Divert codes you can use with mobile and one in particular is a redirect/divert when your mobile is unreachable or turned off. I now have this setup to redirect to my land line whenever there’s no signal as it kinda comes and goes in the new house. This is more efficient than a full/permanent redirect and should cover me whenever and wherever I am out of coverage.

Here’s the full list of O2 Divert codes:

  • To divert all of your calls: ** 21 * divert number #
  • To divert all calls when not reachable (phone off/no coverage): ** 62 * divert number #
  • To divert all calls when you are busy (on another call): ** 67 * divert number #
  • To divert all calls which you don’t pick up (mobile is ringing out): ** 61 * divert number #
  • 3 in 1 divert (phone turned off, on another call or ringing out): ** 004 * divert number #

To cancel a divert option press ##002# and then the “send” / “call” button.

Simply adding a code above (including the cancel one) as a new contact and calling when required is an easy way to use this service but I don’t see myself turning it off ever now.

* PS – Call diverts are charged to your mobile as if you rang the divert number yourself. Your inclusive monthly minutes cannot be used.


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